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Clock1 Orbits24
Questions & Answers

Q: Is the clock noisy?

A: No. It makes a gentle “swoosh” when the balls sweep on their Orbit and a gentle “tock” when the ball turns the wheel but overall it’s very quiet thanks to the noise damping in the design

Q: Does the clock vibrate?

A: A tiny bit, as the balls sweep. Overall, the vibration is very low

Q: Can I wall mount the clock?
A: Yes, see Page 22 of the Owner’s Guide
Q: Can I run the clock without the dust cover?
A: Yes, but you may have to clean it more often
Q: Does any part need regular maintenance (oiling for example)?

A: None, the clock is maintenance free

Q: Will the moving parts wear out?
A: The clock is designed to have minimal wear as it runs (like any other clock)
Q: Can I run the clock from batteries?

A: The clock was not designed to run on batteries due to the power it needs

Q: Can I use the clock outdoors?

A: The clock is designed for indoor use only

Q: Can I mount the clock at an angle?

A: The clock is designed for vertical operation only