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Who are TechTock ?

TechTock is the trading name used by me, Pete Sleeman, for my series of tech art clocks.

Who is Pete Sleeman?

I am an Engineer, living and working in the southern part of Hampshire, England.  I’ve always been a creator and a hands on builder of “things”.  From an early age I started to explore how to build the things that I couldn’t afford to buy or simply couldn’t buy because they were too unique.  These exploits were often quite unsuccessful but I learnt a ton about how to do things, and how not to!

I went to Southampton University in the late 80’s and got a degree in Electronics.

Today I’m a co-founder and director of TouchNetix, a company specializing in capacitive touchscreens and controller chips…

…and now I’m also a creator of clocks


Hand Built

Lots of things are said to be hand-built…but what I mean here really means hand-crafted.
I fabricate many of the parts of my clocks using, for example, lathe work, filing, casting, drilling, tapping etc etc.  Some components I choose not to hand build for reasons of quality and repeatability.  For example, circuit boards are professionally manufactured and assembled using qualified sub-contractors.  Some components are fabricated by specialists using advanced 3D processes which are then hand finished.  This is because such parts are often simply too complex to realize at low volumes.

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