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Clock1 Orbits24 Full Height Against Wall With Lamp and Name
Clock1 Orbits24

Clock1 Orbits24

Sun, Moon and Shooting Stars…

“A unique combination of technology, kinetic art and style that uses traditional and modern fabrication techniques”

Limited edition of 100

Hand built in the UK

Driven by 3 Shooting Star Orbits...

Gold, Silver and Bronze metallic finishes...

Clear protective cover...

Free-fall style ball movement...

Sun and Moon face motif...

Stars and planets detail...

Clock1 Orbits24

Not like a regular clock…

Each clock hand is independently driven by its own Orbit, which is an electronically controlled system that sweeps a polished steel ball around a track.

The ball is secured using a rare-earth magnet that rotates inside the Orbit housing.  Subsequently as the magnet moves, so the ball follows, rolling around the outside of the Orbit.

The magnet’s movement is carefully controlled to give the impression that ball is “free-falling” around the edge.
On every revolution, the ball gently nudges the drive wheel around, moving its hand via a delicate geared chain drive.
The combination makes Clock1 Orbits24 a unique piece of kinetic art that is both mesmerizing to watch and an accurate time keeper.

Clock1 Orbits24

A bespoke Sun and Moon clock, designed and hand built in the UK…

From concept to completion, this Clock1 Orbits24 has taken over 18 months to bring to life.

It has required numerous prototypes, experiments and refinements which have lead to a clock that is both aesthetically pleasing and fascinating to watch.

Each clock is hand built from components which have been custom designed and made using various fabrication
techniques such as Multi-jet fusion 3D printing, laser cutting and surface mount PCB fabrication.
Each clock is hand decorated making every one an original piece of art.

Clock1 Orbits24

Inner workings for the curious…

The seconds Orbit acts as the main time-keeper.  It uses a crystal controlled microprocessor to keep track of time.

The same microprocessor also controls the sweep mechanism which uses a special type of motor that moves in small fixed steps that are exactly repeatable.
By controlling the time between the steps, the microprocessor creates a movement profile for the motor, which in turn sweeps a magnetic stator inside the Orbit housing.
The stator magnetically attaches the ball on the outside of the Orbit on a specially design sound deadening track.  As a result, the ball turns the
wheel and that turns the hand.
In addition, the seconds Orbit triggers the minute and hour Orbits when its time for them to sweep, which they do in synchronism.
The Orbits use internal sound absorbing features that make the overall sweep effect extremely quiet, making a gentle swoosh-tock noise on each sweep.
If the clock needs to be operated in a location where even that noise might be intrusive every second, a special silent running mode can be
enabled by pressing one of the buttons on the under-side of the seconds Orbit.  This disables the seconds Orbit sweep, leaving just the minute and hour Orbits to operate as normal.

Clock1 Orbits24

See it on display at the MAD Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

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